Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh:

Water Resources Department, formerly known as Irrigation Department is one of the major establishments of Government of Madhya Pradesh. It protects the right of State in sharing Water of Inter State Rivers/Basins. The field of Operations of Water Resources Department is responsible for creation and maintenance of irrigation potential through construction of water resources projects. It also looks after Calamity Managements in the form of construction and maintenance of flood control works, reservoir operation and reconstruction of structures damaged by cyclone.construction, maintenance and regulation of Major , Medium & Minor irrigation projects, Flood Control and Drainage works.

Madhya Pradesh has five River Basins namely:

  • Ganga (Yamuna Basin)
  • Narmada
  • Tapti
  • Mahi, and
  • Wainganga (part of Godavari Basin)


Chambal, Betwa, Sindh, Dhasan, Ken, Paisuni and Baghian rivers join the Yamuna river and are the sub-basins for Yamuna Basin, which itself falls under the Ganga Basin. Sone and Tapti rivers join the Ganga river directly and therefore, are the sub-basins to Ganga Basin.

Twelve rivers originate in M.P. viz. Narmada, Mahi, Chambal, Betwa, Son, Tons, Tapti, ken, Dhasan, Kunwari, Sindh, Paisuni and Baghen. The total length of these rivers in M.P is approximately 3956 km and 553 km share boundaries with other states.

Water has many benefits , other than drinking it is also used for Agriculture , Industrial usages , Horticulture , for Power Generation , Fisheries etc . According to its usages , Government of M.P has various department for Water maintenance.

These are :-

  • Water Resources Department (WRD)
  • Narmada Valley Development Department (NVDD)
  • Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED)
  • Agriculture Department and Agriculture – Engineering Department
  • Horticulture Department
  • Panchayat and Rural Development Department
  • Fisheries Department
  • Forest Department
  • Power Department
  • Tourism Department